Worst blogger ever….

I am officially the worst blogger…. In the world…. Ever!

So there have been lots of changes in the last year (or so).

Firstly a fond farewell to South Hill Designs, sadly their direction changed and there has to be a parting of ways. I met so many lovely ladies  (and gents) during my time with them and have definitely expanded my jewellery collection… Lots of which is now on sale at reduced prices!

This gives me more time to concentrate on my first love… Crafting.  And there have been a lot of changes here too!

I still make and sell lots of cards via my Little things Facebook group and I’ve added an Etsy shop.  I’m blessed to sell my cards worldwide…. Sounds very grand but I’ve had a few sales to America…. Japan and Dubai… So I’m sticking with worldwide!

I also now offer weekly or fortnightly classes in Newtownards. These are held Tuesday’s for the weekly, Thursday for the fortnightly.

And if that doesn’t suit I run larger project classes at the weekends every 4-6 weeks.

We craft..lots and chat…lots and eat cakes…lots!  Oh and I’ve passed my addiction of all things stampin’ up to most of my lovely attendees.

I am also happy to come to you for a workshop the cost is £45 for up to four people. Additional people cost £10 each extra.

So whether you want to buy a card or gift, or whether you want to make a card or a gift I’m here happy to take your call.

Happy crafting! image

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