My number one…

Wow, twice in one week, you’ll be begging me to stop!!

So I’ve worked tirelessly all week to get my craft studio, if not finished at least ready to host my first class. Sadly two of the regulars to my Friday class are on holiday and one wasn’t feeling well… but I’m not gonna let that stop the fun! Whether there be two of us or ten the craic is always guaranteed to mighty! 

So today it was Carol and myself, and the mess we made couldn’t have been more if there had been six of us! Carol was delighted to be the first person to craft with me in our new space and I’m so happy to share it with her and all my lovely ladies!

Today’s projects were the beautiful Merry Christmas and the three mini cards on the far right… when we worked out that shaving millimetres off the 3×3 card meant we could get four from the sheet of powder pink that’s exactly what Carol did… so they are 2.74cm square to be precise! Carol added the one with the ribbon to the other three. The live, laugh, love I cased from Pinterest, all other cards are my own design. 

Our next Friday afternoon class is on the 13th October, if you want to join us let me know! 

Have a crafty weekend! 

God bless, Gillian x

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