Happy hello!

It’s Tuesday… one of my favourite days… you may ask why? And it’s simple really Tuesday night means craft night. A night of great fun… lots of craic and friendship and of course crafty makes and cake!

I started doing these classes three years ago now and time has just flown by, there is nothing quite like a evening spent with friends! When you’re feeling blue it’s good to talk and generally spirits are raised. 

Crafting is such fabulous therapy, when I’m at my craft desk I immerse myself in my stamps and card and I switch off my mind to daily troubles and just create! It’s my quiet time, time to recharge. I also find I regularly use this time to talk to God and generally if I’ve music on in the back ground it’s worship music. Thankfully my new house isn’t near enough for the neighbours to overhear me… I haven’t been blessed with a singing voice! Thankfully I have been blessed with creativity… I was created to create! 

This evening in class we will be making a special male card at the request of my lovely ladies. So my design is for my step son who will be 21 tomorrow! Time flies. I can’t share it until tomorrow but I thought I’d share a closer look at the cards I did with the lovely Carol on Friday, we will be recreating these tonight after the speciality card!

These cards are based on Love and Faith, I used the ribbon of courage stampset for these.

These little cards measure 3″x3″ and are perfect little notes to send someone who just needs to know you care. Who would you send one to, and why? 

Anyway time for me to go and buy the buns for tonight, all crafters of any experience level welcome!
Love Gillian x

4 thoughts on “Happy hello!

    • littlethingsbyg says:

      Thank you so much Lilian. It’s actually some of left over craft flooring. I’m going to get my hubbie to make it into a proper photo box and there’s enough for one for you too! ❤️

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