Hump Day!

Wow doesn’t time fly… hump day already which means the weekend is coming! 

Wednesday is the day I take my mum to parchment craft class at her church. I didn’t think I would enjoy it to be honest but I find it really therapeutic. I started earlier this year and took to it like a duck to water. 

I even managed to work it in with my first craft love… Stampin’ Up! of course. I rarely do any at home just the two and a half hours on a Wednesday with my mum… who goes as a way of getting out with me. She isn’t a natural bless but loves to get out and have a coffee whilst stabbing at parchment!

Today was super busy, with the class and then hairdresser so new do! It’s hard work covering all the greys! 

Sadly no crafting for me today but I thought I’d share a project I made earlier… 

This is a ‘wish I’d bought the orchid builder’ moment! It’s all made from Stampin’ Up! supplies but I had to cut out the orchid shape from a template online. The buds are actually the wings from the retired bird builder punch!

So guess what is now on my must buy list!

It does go to show you though that you don’t need to have everything… it’s OK to want but we don’t always need! Even if we feel we do. 

Anyway I’ll say good night and get on with unpacking a few more boxes!

Happy crafting, until next time…
Gillian x

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