Sunday past was the day of my cheers to the year project class. We had the best of days finished off by our Christmas dinner at a local restaurant. There was much fun and frolics!

Anyway the crafts… Throughout the day we did six cards and four 3d projects… well most of us did. Two of my ladies wanted all cards so I redesigned the 3d projects and turned them into cards! Of course the ladies doing the bags and boxes loved the cards as well but there was just not enough time in the day!

I spent a long time coming up with the measurements for a giant sized cracker…. 

Isnt the copper foil paper lush? If you’d like the directions just leave me a message below.  

It was so simple to make this project into a Card and I just loved the result, which is your favourite… the cracker or the card? Or are you a ‘gotta have it all’ kinda girl like me? 

I think Im going to have to stock up on that fabulous designer paper before it bows out at the start of January. And how fab are those foil snowflakes? You get a pack of 24 half gold and half silver…. but they can be coloured and the back is plain… they are so beautiful the photograph just doesn’t do them justice!

Next we did a jumbo gift bag… this uses two sheets of 12” x 12” paper but is so worth it, it’s so sturdy and is sure to make any gift a WOW! 

The paper the bag is made from is stunning, in some lights it looks silver, in others gold. It’s so pretty! The cute little pom-pom trim is retired but I couldn’t resist using it! Of course I also had to make this into a card which I’ve posted below.

Clever right? I can tell you I was chuffed!

Pop back again and I’ll share the other two 3d projects and some more cards.

Catch you later!
Gillian x

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