Snow is falling….

…all around us, children playing having fun. Tis the season love and understanding Merry Christmas everyone…

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas with our first snowfall decorating my front lawn, not sure my ducks will be feeling the love as much as I am!

I love the snow especially when I have no where to be and I can stay snuggled under my duvet for that extra half hour (or two).

In the UK we don’t deal with snowfall very well everything grinds to a halt, we have no snow chains or anything on our cars and it’s rare that we get proper snow that lies for any length of time before turning to slushy ice. I think the last proper snow fall we had was 2013, inches of the stuff and the world stopped!

Anyway I’m a lover of snow ⛄️ what about you? Love it or hate it?

Today I thought it was appropriate to share a snowflake card, it was based off Pinterest many months ago now and I can’t remember who from but I absolutely love it!

Perfect for a snowy day like today!

So I’ll be spending today doing some crafting, I’ve loads of cards to make for my customers and then there are diaries and journals, table favours and crackers… who doesn’t love a handmade Christmas?

Have a wonderful day whether you are working and reving up to a weekend off, or whether you start your weekend early… enjoy every second!

Gillian xx

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